Frequently Asked Questions

How long is ghostpia?

We expect a playthrough to take between 7 and 10 hours.
There are 5 episodes to ghostpia, and each one takes between 1 and 2 hours.

Note: If you are reading all the text aloud, for example if you're streaming, the game should take about twice as long.

Does ghostpia have branches and multiple endings?

No, ghostpia is an entirely linear story without branches of any kind. Please enjoy it as you would a manga or a movie—a story to read from start to finish.

What is the rating for ghostpia?

The IARC for the Nintendo Switch version is 16 and above.

Information on the IARC rating system

In particular, ghostpia contains some rather violent scenes.
On Steam, ghostpia is tagged as mature content. If you can’t find it, check the filter settings for your Steam account.

Note: The rating may change depending on your specific region. Please refer to the sale information that applies to you.

Are there any plans for a sequel to season one?

Yes, ghostpia is planned to be a two-part game, with season two being the final one.
However, we took care to make season one enjoyable as a stand-alone experience too, as it ends around the middle of the story.

What languages is ghostpia playable in?

As of March 2023, ghostpia is available in Japanese and English. This applies to all regions.

Note: The Nintendo Switch version is set to follow your system language setting. You can switch ghostpia's language by changing the system language of your Nintendo Switch.

Can I stream or Let's Play ghostpia?

As long as you follow the guidelines, you're more than welcome to.
Refer to the Streaming guidelines below for more details.

Can I create derivative works?

As long as you follow the guidelines, you're more than welcome to.
Refer to the Derivative works guidelines below for more details.

Other questions

If you have questions, comments, bug reports, or other inquiries, please send them to us through the link below.

We'd also be happy to read your thoughts on the game after you've played it or watched a stream.

If you are a company, or if you want to ask about streaming, derivative works, etc., please directly contact the game label Yokaze.

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