Derivative works guidelines


The following guidelines apply to derivative works and content based on the ghostpia series.

These guidelines only apply to individuals and to non-incorporated organizations.

(For companies and other incorporated organizations, please contact us for more information at

As long as you follow these guidelines, you do not need to contact us or request specific permission.

What is a derivative work?

At Chosuido, we consider a "derivative work" to be something that, while being based off content from ghostpia, involves the creator's originality and ideas.

As long as you follow these guidelines, we will not exercise our copyright on your work.

Please keep in mind that we may show off your derivative works on the Chosuido blog or our social media accounts.

What is a derivative work?

  • Create, publish, and sell (either in person or online) doujinshi, derivative games, derivative audiovisual content, other kinds of derivative content, photograph collections, and other kinds of merchandise.

  • Hold events aimed at the creation of derivative works for individuals and non-incorporated organizations.

  • Monetize the events described in the above point.

Note: You are free to create works not intended for minors, but please avoid excessively indecent content or content that goes against public morals.

You cannot:

Always follow any relevant laws as well as rules, regulations, and terms for the platforms which you are using.
In addition, do not create derivative works that:

  • Include copies, scans, or traces of content from the game (including illustrations, videos, voices, music, etc.)

  • State, suggest, or imply that they are official works.

  • Are excessively violent or sexual in nature.

  • Include references to specific beliefs, religions, or political stances.

  • Cast ghostpia's characters or the people involved in its creation in an excessively bad light.

  • Content which is defamatory or insulting towards third parties or that infringes on the rights of third parties.

Please keep in mind that we reserve the right to make the final decision in any matter related to these guidelines.
If we find that your derivative work is in violation of our guidelines, we may ask you to take it down or limit access to it in some way. In that case, please follow our instructions or conditions as expeditely as possible.

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